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The Demo Event
March 11, 2:45pm CT

The Space and Defense Demonstration Event is a platform for companies to showcase their products and services to potential government customers and investors. This 75-minute demo event will feature four cutting-edge dual-use companies giving a 7-8 minute demo followed by 7-8 minutes of audience Q&A. Investors and acquisitions professionals will have an opportunity to see some of the best emerging technologies during this invite-only session. 

If you are an investor interested in space and dual-use defense companies, or a government innovation or acquisitions professional, please sign up (using button below) to receive your invite to this event.

Demo Companies

Valid Eval.png
Valid Eval

Valid Eval is an acquisition operations system for Federal-Civilian and Defense agencies. When coupled with thoughtful program design, Valid Eval dramatically enhances the government’s ability to attract and transition the capabilities our country needs to secure overmatch.

It’s a secure SaaS platform that works efficiently at any scale—so you can involve as many applicants, subjects, domain experts, and judges as it takes to do the job right. Combining best practices from the learning sciences and systems engineering, Valid Eval delivers defensible, data-driven results and provides robust reporting tools that help you measure and monitor performance and demonstrate mission alignment. Best of all, it provides an unprecedented degree of transparency that promotes accountability and builds trust in the process.


Huna is an insight engine that combines the merits of knowledge management, natural language processing, and machine learning to automatically analyze content, interpret user information needs, automate search, and offer the most relevant knowledge within the active editing pane. Huna persistently scans what users read or type, so they never have to search for information again – instead, Huna’s analytic processing enriches users with associated content, identified relationships, statistical patterns and anomalies, tone, sentiment, and so much more. Huna goes beyond data aggregation to provide in-program synthesis, converting big data into actionable knowledge for real-time decision advantage. Huna is built for independence from costly engineering resources and is designed for any user (regardless of technical background) to customize information sources and settings to unique needs.

Huna is a technology that was successfully grown out of Pueo, an SBA-certified 8a, service-disabled veteran-owned small business that boasts CMMI Level 3 and ISO compliant measures to bridge technology gaps for federal clients who seek to optimize scarce resources. Built by a team of IC, defense and cyber industry veterans, the technology democratizes expertise and insights while maintaining the strictest data privacy, security, and real-time access controls and user permissions.  

3GIMBALS accelerates innovation to solve the most formidable challenges for a safer future by providing intelligence, investigations and information solutions for statecraft, national security and law enforcement missions. Our team transforms the latest data, tools and technology into operational capability faster than anyone else. 3GIMBALS is delivering the future, today. Learn more at


Commands, operators, and investigators are challenged with managing the data needed to execute sensitive missions while ensuring the safety of tactical teams. Keeping up at the speed of relevance is made even more difficult when data sources and providers continuously change. OMEN weaves together a fused data stack with pioneering data science and advanced human tradecraft resulting in unclassified insights that rival classified intelligence. OMEN expands the decision space and informs the steps before denial and deterrence, keeping you ahead of the game so you don’t make blind decisions at the tactical edge. Our tool, developed by 3GIMBALS, creates decision advantage with higher- order analysis, domain awareness, and fused, shareable insights. 


OMEN brings together resources to gather intelligence, forecast  trends and issue warnings at the speed of relevance.  OMEN delivers intelligence in an open, interoperable, sharable environment with customized dashboards covering tactical, operational, and strategic activities.  OMEN insights are unclassified, allowing for sharing to multinational and intergovernmental partners.

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